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The Democratization and Globalization of Marketing

A long time a go, in a galaxy far, far away, I ran a team that developed a photo-retouching and pagination system that broke the $100K barrier. We were competing with a $1M system. Today you can perform similar tasks for less than $1000. You can also…

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If It Crashes, Millions Will Be Lost!!!

Mars curiosity will be landing one way or the other August 5th. Will you have seven minutes of terror, or will you know your prospects are watching your whiteboard before the video is over?

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Hope is a Strategy

Hope is a projection of our past fears or regrets onto the future with the expectation of a better outcome. It is characteristically human. The ability to imagine different future outcomes has elevated the human species and driven us to our current position on the food chain. Successful marketers and sales people need to ask, “What is the ‘hope’ driving my prospect, and how can I help them achieve it?”

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What’s Your Value PrXpXsitiXn?

In my experience, too many sales people simply take the value proposition given by marketing and restate it to the prospect. This is the worst use of a value proposition. If you are in Marketing and you enable your sales team this way, then you are not helping.

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Blog Mills. Really?

Yesterday, I had a colleague send me a link to a site that offers to write your blog for you. The price was very reasonable, an introductory offer of $68.75 per blog! He asked for my reaction.

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CEOs: Call Your Company – Access to Experts Part II

The other day I needed to get a quote on a service costing tens of thousands of dollars. I visited a website of a well known vendor, spent five minutes trying to find the information I needed, then looked for the contact us page. The “Contact Us” page had no phone number, only an email form. Looking further, I finally found a number and called. VPs of Marketing, what will your CEO find when he calls his own company?

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The Market Crashes! Quick…What Does Marketing Do?

When I checked my finance page yesterday after the market dropped six hundred points, I saw something that reminded me of the need to quickly market to the event. There was a pop-up ad promoting the book of some guy who predicted the last crash. There was also an ad for gold. These people were marketing to an event. Their response time for their campaign was several hours.

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You Can’t Tweet a Whitepaper- Part 1 of Content Strategy and Tactics

I heard someone say, “Marketing is just publishing.” And if this is true, then the saying “Content is king,” should also be true. The question is… does your king have clothes? And is he dressed appropriately?

In thinking about content I’ve come up with four key elements and a set of questions you can ask yourself about each to see how well-dressed your king is.

The four elements are: 1) Creation, 2) Quality, 3) Focus and 4) Media. Marketing’s job is not content creation…

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Building Blocks for Internet Marketing

Here’s a model I’ve developed to think about the four basic building blocks for inbound Internet marketing: 1) Content, 2) Contacts and 3) Tools, all of which are first surrounded by a clear and concise #4; Messaging.

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