Prairie Sky Group
In more than 30 years within the healthcare and employee benefits industry I’ve had the good fortune of working with a number of brilliant marketing professionals. Lee is among the very best. Lee always looks through the lens of the internal and external clients that he serves. He truly “Gets it”, in terms of the role marketing plays in building an organizational culture, creating a differentiable brand identity and developing and nurturing highly qualified sales leads for sales organizations. With fewer and fewer “boots on the ground” to develop qualified sales prospect, you need a defensible identity and sales prospects that are on the 40 yard line in scoring position before you tie up sales resources. Nobody is better and managing to this result than Lee and Prairie Sky Group. I truly love working with this guy!Daniel F. Hoemke, Managing Partner & Healthcare Practice Leader, Nine Oars LLC
Prairie Sky has done a terrific job of creating a one to one marketing program at Burchfield that has lead to significant growth in the business. Lee is a very creative and analytical marketing professional that never losses sight of the end goal – generating revenue. Lee is willing to jump in and help in anyway to help the organization achieve its goals and plays the role of the pragmatic optimist that growing organizations need.Chris McPartland, COO, Burchfield
I’ve known Lee Stocking at Prairie Sky Group and worked with him over the last twelve years. He’s one of the few marketing people I’ve met that truly gets what it takes to help a sale team excel and drive revenue. He understands messaging from a customer and sales standpoint and knows sales process. He also delivers leads that are well qualified and result in sales. I’d recommend Prairie Sky Group for any organization looking to grow revenues.Dan Lemke, President and CEO, The Vision Group, MN
Lee has been instrumental in driving the success of the sales organization through his strategic vision and development of creative and effective marketing campaigns. Lee excels is developing visionary strategies and formulating tactics and action plans to achieve results. I have been very impressed with Lee’s work and his support in helping the organization achieve both our short-term and long-range goals.Sam Smith, Vice President of Business Development
For sales to be truly effective in any organization they need a partner in marketing that truly understands sales process, messaging, framing and positioning. Lee’s knowledge in this area helped to drive a fundamental shift at Gelco in how marketing supported sales and how sales executed in the field. This shift resulted in sustained 30% year-over-year growth. Any company looking for proven marketing leadership should make Prairie Sky part of their team.Mark Christenson, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Concur Technologies