The Democratization and Globalization of Marketing


Lead Generation, Marketing, Minneapolis, St Paul, Minnesota, AtlantaA long time a go, in a galaxy far, far away, I ran a team that developed a photo-retouching and pagination system that broke the $100K barrier.  We were competing with a $1M system.  Today you can perform similar tasks for less than $1000.

You can also:
•    Send emails for $15/month
•    Set up your own sales force automation for $15/month
•    Put up your own website for $75
•    Run your own social media campaigns for nothing
•    Communicate with clients over Skype and Webex

I recently had someone living in Mexico put up a website using Brazilian resources.  My son-in-law uses a resource in the Philippines to load images to his site.

You can also:
•    Have people in the UK write your blog for $25 a blog post.  I guess they are unemployed ‘English’ majors.
•    Run a design competition for your logo that will have designers from around the world provide you with a design for $150.
•    Have someone from India cold call for you.  Yes really.

These two trends, the democratization of marketing tools, and the ability of really smart people to do business from anywhere, regardless of accent, have changed marketing.

What they haven’t changed yet, is your ability to understand your customers and clients.  They haven’t yet provided you with the messaging needed from that understanding.  And they haven’t provided you with your core plan.  Or the inspiration for your new idea and the courage to implement it.

This left over stuff, is the big stuff.  It requires creativity, hard work, risk taking and even a little luck.   The other stuff is easy now.  So marketers, do the hard work.

Do Great Things!

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