Everything Doesn’t Need to Take Three Months


Lea Generation, Marketing, Minneapolis, St Paul, MN, Minnesota, AtlantaI just put up two different websites using two different vendors.  One was relatively complicated, while the other was straightforward.  They both took the same amount of time: three months.  I decided I would formulate a new law of website development.  Every website takes three months.

Then I thought about other vendor projects that I’d contracted.  They all required three months.  Three months to get set up before launching.  Three months to get the new messaging.  Three months to work out the databases.  Maybe I was onto something.

But why?  Everything shouldn’t have to take three months.

Maybe it’s because, no project is any one person’s focus.  Every one is doing multiple projects, and as a result, everyone’s schedule is busy.  Once a project is launched, it takes a week to schedule the next meeting.  There are approval and review steps. And so on.  Pretty soon, three months have lapsed.   This is corporate marketing and control at it’s worst.

Time is the new currency.  It doesn’t have to be like this.

Agile Marketing provides a new mechanism for dealing with the three-month law.  Its core tenant is “Do, Learn, Adapt,” and it leverages small teams focused on completing one thing rather than ten.  To get an idea, you can check out my new e-book, The Problem With Marketing.

But here’s an extension.  If you are a vendor to corporate America, why can’t you use Agile techniques to drive your clients projects to completion in 30 days instead of three months?   Focus, meet everyday, and deliver.  I understand that there is a risk and cost to dedicated resources.  But this can be offset by variable and part time staffing.

I think agencies and organizations that help their clients do things faster will gain more customers, will have more satisfied clients, and will grow faster.

I’m looking for vendors like this.

Do Great Things!

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