Reconsidering the Tortoise and the Hare


Lead Generation, Marketing, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St Paul, MN, Minneosta, AtlantaSlow:  unhurried, lazy
apathetic, crawling, creeping, dawdling, delaying, deliberate, dilatory, disinclined, dreamy, drowsy, easy, gradual, heavy, idle, imperceptible, inactive, indolent, inert, lackadaisical, laggard, lagging, leaden, leisurely, lethargic, listless, loitering, measured, moderate, negligent, passive, phlegmatic, plodding, ponderous, postponing, procrastinating, quiet, reluctant, remiss, slack, sleepy, slothful, slow-moving, sluggish, snaillike, stagnant, supine, tardy, torpid, tortoiselike

Fast: speedy
Synonyms: PDQ, accelerated, active, agile, blue streak, breakneck, brisk, chop-chop, dashing, double-time, electric, expeditious, flashing, fleet, fleeting, flying, hasty, hot, hurried, hypersonic, in a jiffy, in nothing flat, lickety split, like a bat out of hell, like all get out, nimble, on the double, posthaste, presto, pronto, quick, racing, rapid, ready, screamin’, snappy, speedball, supersonic, swift, velocious, winged

As children, we are told the story of the tortoise and the hare and how the hare wins the race by ‘slow and steady.’   In today’s business environment, no one would agree that slow and safe is better, but I see it all the time.

I have a client that told me he wanted to produce a newsletter for a group of prospects at the request of a sales person.  So he sat down and wrote one in thirty minutes.  He used material already published by his company.  Then he made the mistake of showing it to his Marcom people, and they showed it to their legal department.  You know the rest of the story.  Several months later there was still no newsletter.

Maybe it’s the size of the organization.  Large companies reward people for maintaining the status quo and avoiding risk.  But I think it’s a personal issue.  Are we afraid to make mistakes?

Of course, direction to action is important, otherwise all you have is speed.  You wind up like a 22 caliber bullet shot inside a grain elevator.   That’s why Agile Marketing is going to be really important to your organization.

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