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The Tragedy of Political Emails

Because this is election season, and because I am an advocate of 1:1 marketing, I masochistically thought I would sign up for the campaigns of both parties to see how they are using email marketing to reach their constituents. I now receive over forty emails a day asking for money. How stupid of me.

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Blog Mills. Really?

Yesterday, I had a colleague send me a link to a site that offers to write your blog for you. The price was very reasonable, an introductory offer of $68.75 per blog! He asked for my reaction.

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Trigger Events and Five Steps to a Better First Impression

How long do you think you have to make a good first impression? Yes, the number may depress a few of the less confident out there. Various studies say the number ranges from three seconds to thirty seconds. Further, these impressions then often guide other’s opinions of us regardless of how hard we work to change them. Even in the digital world, many inbound and outbound marketers forget the axiom about first impressions.

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Is Your Marketing and Sales Approach a Product of Weakest Links?

Marketing Lead Generation Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota AtlantaWould you show up on a first date by bringing an engagement ring and your parents along? While this may be a custom in some countries, it could be interpreted as intrusive or presumptuous in our culture. Courtship takes some finesse, and often requires a number of steps. Often the best approach is the product of each of these steps. So why should it be any different with inbound and outbound marketing, or sales?

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Trend Spotting: Access to Experts

Recently I wanted a piece of information from a web company for a service in which I was interested. This time I really didn’t want to “read the whitepaper,” so I called for a “demo.” The resistance I had was that this would begin a sales cycle, yet all I wanted was information.

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Resistance is Futile

Like drug resistance for pathogens in evolutionary biology, resistance is evolving and increasing to the ways we market and sell. What if we just provided easy to find, valuable information, for free when our prospects wanted it? Would that be giving into the Borg?

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Help Wanted! Looking for a DARC Person.

A while ago, Hubspot wrote an interesting e-book called, “Hiring in the DARC Ages… Are the Right People on Your Marketing Team? I recommend the e-book, and you can download it here.

The essence of the article is that the characteristics of successful inbound marketers are represented by the categories: Digital, Analytic, Reach and Content. In other words, D= Hire Digital Citizens, A= Hire for Analytical Chops, R= Hire for Web Reach and C= Hire Content Creators. My current client is looking for such a marketing person.

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The Market Crashes! Quick…What Does Marketing Do?

When I checked my finance page yesterday after the market dropped six hundred points, I saw something that reminded me of the need to quickly market to the event. There was a pop-up ad promoting the book of some guy who predicted the last crash. There was also an ad for gold. These people were marketing to an event. Their response time for their campaign was several hours.

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You Can’t Tweet a Whitepaper- Part 1 of Content Strategy and Tactics

I heard someone say, “Marketing is just publishing.” And if this is true, then the saying “Content is king,” should also be true. The question is… does your king have clothes? And is he dressed appropriately?

In thinking about content I’ve come up with four key elements and a set of questions you can ask yourself about each to see how well-dressed your king is.

The four elements are: 1) Creation, 2) Quality, 3) Focus and 4) Media. Marketing’s job is not content creation…

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