Addendum to Agile Marketing


Lead Generation, Marketing, Minneapolis, St Paul, MN, Minnesota, AtlantaThe tagline for Agile Marketing is the phrase “Do, Learn, Adapt.”  It allows for speed because it relies on getting customer feedback quickly, learning from that feedback, and then adapting so you aren’t wasting time or effort on things that are not important to the customer.  Like many new business approaches it can be implemented poorly.

One common mistake is to believe that simply implementing something quickly is Agile Marketing.  It depends.

Implementing the wrong thing doesn’t help anyone.  There’s a great body of marketing knowledge on what works and what doesn’t for each particular situation.  Many CEOs fall into the trap of implementing the wrong thing quickly.   This is because their conception of marketing may be naively  “Advertising or PR,” and they want results.  So for example, if you are a small B2B company, advertising isn’t usually productive, and it doesn’t matter how fast you implement an advertising campaign.  All you will wind up with is an expensive bill.

So the modification to Agile Marketing is “Ask, Do, Learn, Adapt.”  First get some idea whether you are even in the ballpark.   Ask others what works in similar situations (see next post).  The Do, Learn, Adapt motto is better as a refinement for proven techniques such as inbound marketing.   Because motion without purpose or direction isn’t progress, it’s just a waste of energy.

Do Great Things!

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