Hiring Sales People – Part V – Authenticity


Marketing and Lead Generation, Minneapolis, St Paul, Minnesota, MN, AtlantaPart V.  People buy from people they like, and who empower them.  We all recognize when we like someone, but what characteristics make a likeable person?  The list would be long, and we don’t all like the same type of people.

I believe one characteristic of likeability is “Authenticity.”  The dictionary defines authenticity as the quality of being genuine.  As an adjective, “Accurate in representation of the facts, trustworthy, reliable.”

When I think about authenticity, the people that come to mind are young children.  They are innocent and simply say what’s on their minds.  “Grandpa, why do you have wrinkles?”  There is no duplicity.

Those who are authentic, are true to themselves and are content to be who they are.  If you say what you think, you are genuine, and even if people disagree, they respect the honesty.  And that helps build trust.  Trust is essential in sales.

I haven’t quite figured out how to filter candidates for authenticity.  One way might be to challenge them and see what they do.  Do they agree immediately and seek to eliminate awkward discomforts, or do they stop and think, then feel comfortable speaking their truth and disagreeing?  Are they respectful in their disagreement?  Comfortable enough to appreciate another position, or do they defend when challenged?  Are they afraid to ask a question that causes you to think differently?   Are they interviewing you, as well as being interviewed?

If they aren’t authentic, then how can they challenge your prospects and help them think differently about how to solve problems?

Look for authenticity.

Do Great Things!

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