Clarity in Sales and Marketing


Marketing and Lead Generation, Minneapolis, St Paul, Minnesota, AtlantaClarity is your most powerful tool in sales and marketing.  It confers sincerity, and sincerity, along with competence, builds trust.

Our political discourse today is full of smoke.  As a result, no one trusts politicians.   The same occurs with sales and marketing.  We talk too much, we obfuscate, which (irony intended) means we don’t say what we mean.

We are often uncomfortable with the truth, so not saying what we mean is and attempt to make us feel comfortable, but it is really a form of dishonesty.

The best sales and marketing people are those that are honest and direct.  You can hear it in what they say and write.  They are clear.

Do Great Things!

Lee Stocking
Making Sales Cry With Qualified Leads
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