Sales Force Automation Diagnostic Question #4 Are They Eating the Blueberries…?


Ok. I’ve just about beat the bear metaphor to death, but the next question to ask is, “Are your usage policies in compliance?”

Simply put, you can have mandatory usage policies, but your sales management or operations teams might not be enforcing them.  First line sales management is usually the worst offender.


a.  Are the usage policies followed?
b. If not, why not?

The answer to the second question is usually a litany of excuses.  “It’s too hard.  The data is screwed up. My people can’t log-on, ad infinitum.”

Most of the problematic or hipshot SFA diagnoses by senior management occur as a result of these responses.  Some of them will be accurate and others not.  So be careful about accepting everything at face value. 


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