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Are You Still Trying to Find Prospects?

A prospect recently called into one of my client’s 1-800 number. The inside sales person answering the phone asked the proverbial, “How did you find us?” Which answer would you prefer?

1. I was returning your call
2. I found you on the internet or
3. I’ve been following you for some time, and I think I need your help.

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How Well Do You Perform on this Landing Page Design Test?

Design is a craft. There are lots of tools for design that make it easy for anyone to create a landing page. However, creating a well-designed B2B landing page takes much more than just an easy tool. Results are measureable in forms filled, actions taken, and leads generated. This test is based on my experience, my failures and other sources. While I would prefer to use images, the test is reduced to 15 short A/B questions. While there are exceptions to every rule, please select the A or B you used on your most recent page. Be honest.

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Are You Fukushima-ing Your Emails?

The purpose of the email is to gradually step a person into your nurturing cycle. Giving them everything in the email is like showing up on a first date with your family and a proposal for marriage. Email nurturing should be more like Ravel’s Boléro.

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What? No Way I’d Appear on Video!

Share One of the biggest challenges marketing has is to get customers and clients to tell your story on video.   The customer is naturally reluctant, and sales, though they understand the benefit, is loath to ask a customer anything risky.  They’d rather let someone else step forward.  So how can you create a library of […]

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Eight Simple Steps for Adding Gender to Your Database

Regardless of your gender, if you’re a B2B marketer and not considering it, you are missing a key element in messaging. While 90% of marketers may acknowledge that gender is important, I find only 10 percent of 1:1 marketing campaigns or databases have any data on gender. Here’s a simple deep dive technique to add gender to your database.

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Metaphor 5: The World’s Most Powerful Single Word Frame – What Two Year Olds Can Teach Us About Sales and Marketing

What’s a two year-old’s favorite word? It’s “NO!” of course. And why do they use this word? Just to piss us off? How engaging! But that’s exactly why they learn and use the word… to be “engaging”. In a discussion of the way the brain works and metaphorical thinking, this is the single most powerful metaphor we learn to use. Here’s a quick way to improve your odds of engaging.

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Marketing and Selling Using Ancient Narratives

We are our stories. It is who we are and how we think. Our brains are wired for stories and narratives. We identify with familiar stories. They evoke emotions and expectations and hope. If you want to sell something, convince someone of your position, or market your products or services, you first need to tell a story. Here’s why.

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The Secret of Becoming the World’s Greatest Lover/Marketer

A key characteristic of true thought leadership is sharing; sharing ideas, technology, knowledge, and intellectual property, all without the thought of immediate gain. It contains elements of passion, generosity and education. Ultimately, like brand, it is about what others say about you. You can’t say you are a thought leader or if you do, no one will believe you. It’s like saying you are the world’s greatest lover. Though that also has something to do with sharing, recognition comes more with simmering the sauce over a long time.

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Our Segment? Anyone Who Will Buy From Us!

Targeting the right prospects is Sales and Marketing 101. In my experience it’s done poorly by both marketing and sales more than 75% of the time. There are two reasons for this.

How can you make sure you don’t fall into the trap of selling to the wrong segment? Read more.

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